5 Signs of a Healthy Relationship

When you’re in love, it’s easy to ignore red flags. Sometimes you might not even recognize that they exist. Viewing your partner through rose-colored glasses, though, doesn’t do you any favors. In a healthy, secure relationship, how to spy on someone shouldn’t even cross your mind. You should trust that your partner is doing the right thing and staying faithful to you. Read on to learn about the signs of a healthy relationship.

They Put You First

In a partnership as important as marriage, your spouse should be making you their number one priority. Spending quality time with you and keeping your home life in order needs to be what your partner values most. Work, friends, and other family members are undoubtedly important too. But, your partner shouldn’t be constantly be blowing you off for these other obligations and activities. It’s all about finding a happy medium.

You Don’t Have to Worry about What They’re Doing

There’s no reason why your partner should be making you feel insecure or wonder about how to spy on someone. When they say they’re going to do something, they stay true to their word and do it. You know that you can trust them to not only be faithful, but also complete all of their responsibilities. There will be no need to feel like you have to keep an eye on them.

They Do the Little Things

Take the time to have date nights with your partner.
A “special date night” could just be a short walk in the park together.

If your partner performs little acts of kindness, just to see you smile, they’re a keeper. They should be making your life easier, not harder. You don’t need to know how to spy one someone, after all. Maybe it was your turn to do the dishes, but you’ve had a rough day at work. A loving spouse will recognize that you need some time to decompress and might even do all of the dishes for you. Other important, little things are compliments, opening the door for you, and special date nights.

They Understand Your Love Language

Learning “The Five Love Languages” is a good way to gain a better understanding of your partner’s personality. These are quality time, giving gifts, words of affirmation, physical touch, and acts of service. Not everyone expresses love in the same way. So while some may be more inclined to give gifts to show they care, others need to hear words of affirmation. If you and your partner understand each other’s love language, you’re able to communicate in a much more productive way.

Your Spouse is Your Best Friend

The terms “spouse” and “best friend” aren’t mutually exclusive. A romantic relationship is so much more than just casual conversations and physical attraction. When you need someone to confide in, you should feel reassured that your partner will be there. On the other hand, they’ll also be your travel buddy, your cheerleader, and your companion for any new hobbies you want to try out together.

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