Give Your Tinder Profile A Makeover To Get A Date

If your Internet dating profiles haven’t been bringing in the kind of quality matches that you’re looking for, and you really want to find a date for Saturday night, you might want to give your Tinder profile a little makeover to make it easier to find that special someone. Your profile might look fine, but making it more eye-catching and adding more personality is a sure fire way to get some instant attention from potential matches who hopefully will be more of  “the one” than someone that gets featured on a how to catch a cheater blog post.

Here are a few tips from online dating coaches for creating a really attention-getting profile:

Check Your Photos

Photos are incredibly important when it comes to all dating profiles, not just Tinder. But that doesn’t mean that every photo has to be perfect. The photos that you use should be an accurate representation of who you are. If you normally don’t wear much makeup, don’t post photos of yourself wearing a full-on face with contouring, smokey eyes, and a bold lip. Also, make sure that your photos accurately represent your style. If you normally just wear jeans and a tee shirt, that’s what you should post a photo of. Just make sure that the outfit is clean and looks nice. Just a personal tip: at least one of your photos should be of you smiling.

Make sure that at least one photo is a full body photo. Potential matches need to see the real you in order to know if they want to go out with you. If you post nothing but headshots and selfies, it will look like you’re trying to hide something, and you’ll get fewer matches.

Be Honest About What You’re Looking For

If you are looking for a relationship, you should be upfront about that with potential matches. But if you’re just looking for a hookup or even just a date for a fun Saturday night, make sure your profile is clear. That way you will be sure to get matches who are looking for the same things that you’re looking for.

Skip the blog about how to catch a cheater, and find the "one" with your Tinder profile.
Enjoy a night with your new beau.

Be Yourself

Your Tinder profile shouldn’t read like a resume. Write the way that you normally speak so that your personality comes through. Make sure you list some of the activities that you like to do, TV shows that you like to watch, and what books you like to read. People who are looking at your profile will be able to tell if you are a match for them based on the things that you like and the cultural references that you use. As Kristen Belle says, “Life is a crazy ride. It’s a privilege to go through it with your partner.” So make sure to be yourself so you have a better chance of finding that lifelong partner and not worrying about how to catch a cheater.

Show Your Sense Of Humor

A sense of humor is always sexy. Don’t be afraid to show off your sense of humor in your profile. Showing that you don’t take yourself too seriously and that you can be fun and playful will increase the chances that you’ll match with someone that is fun and flirty.

Whether you find yourself in a healthy relationship or something that is short-lived, in the end, I wish you luck and hope you find the one for you. But, if for some reason you need some help finding out if you made the right choice, there are plenty of ways how to catch a cheater.