My Husband Proposed To Me Online And I Was Thrilled

Social media proposals with flash mobs and big, showy events have become insanely popular over the last few years. It’s no longer enough just to propose. Now, the person proposing has to do something that goes viral in order for it to be a success. There have actually been cases where people have turned down proposals because they weren’t big enough to drive others to find people on the Internet and make them famous.

But I’m here to tell you that a proposal doesn’t have to be big or showy. And if your significant other puts pressure on you to do something huge in order to “win” them, they’re probably not the kind of person that you should marry. My husband proposed to me on video chat. And it wasn’t showy or huge. No one saw it but us, but it was still incredibly romantic and heartfelt. His proposal has even won contests for the “Best Proposal Story” on a couple of wedding websites, which you can look up if you know how to find people on the Internet.

Proposals are about more than just social media likes.
Not all proposals need to be exciting and worthy of social media.

My Husband’s Dedication To Me And His Country

My now husband, then boyfriend, proposed on video chat from Afghanistan, where he was deployed. He hadn’t showered in about a week and was wearing the same dirty uniform he’d been wearing for 3 days. And he hadn’t slept in about that same period of time, either.

He got on video chat with me and during our conversation, there was a rocket attack on his fire support base. I saw the walls shaking and heard the incoming rounds. At one point, he ran off camera and came back with a piece of a rocket, then held it up to the camera.

I could see gear packed up in a corner of his tiny room, which only had a cot and a bare lightbulb hanging from the ceiling. Prison cells look luxurious compared to what he was living in. After the rocket attack, he sat down in front of the camera and, with manufactured cheerfulness, told me he was going out on a mission. He wouldn’t be back for at least two weeks, or maybe even longer, so I shouldn’t worry if I didn’t hear from him.

Why His Proposal Was So Touching

Then he got serious and said he wanted to ask me something. He said that he wasn’t going to lie to me and that the mission would be dangerous. I could see worry in his face. And then he said that he couldn’t go on the mission, risking his life, if he didn’t know that I would be there when he got back. He needed to know that I would marry him if he came home. That’s when he said the words, “Will you marry me?” over grainy video that kept cutting in and out.

We lost the sound on our video chat, so in the end I had to write on a piece of paper, “Yes I will marry you!” and hold it up to the camera for him. Then, the video cut out and he was gone. I didn’t hear from him for 5 weeks. I couldn’t just use a tool to find people on the Internet and learn where he was. But he eventually came home, and we got married.

So don’t assume that your proposal has to be huge or worthy of online “likes” to be romantic. It’s a special moment between the two of you, without worrying about someone will find people on the Internet and search for your video. A simple expression of love really is enough.