Technology That Makes The Holidays Less Stressful

The holidays can be stressful. Most of the time, you’re stuck in the kitchen cooking, baking, decorating, or making drinks when you really just want to be with your family and friends. This year, let some new technology do the work for you. Instead of stressing out about getting all the holiday details right, you can spend time with your loved ones. Your relationships with other people should be your number one priority this season. Here are some innovative, new electronics that you can use to make the holidays run a lot more smoothly:

Quirky Smart Egg Tray

At first, you may think this egg tray is unnecessary. It connects to a smartphone app and lets you know how many eggs you have left. It sounds ridiculous at first, but think about how many times you have to run to the store for baking supplies during the holiday season. If you’re like me, then you probably thought you had eight eggs left when you really only had two. This smart egg tray will help you make sure you pick up everything you need in just one trip to the grocery store.

Amazon Echo Show

The latest version of the Amazon Echo has a screen, which is incredibly useful. Not only will it let you make calls, but it can display recipes, photos, and other visuals. It’s pretty much essential for holiday cooking and baking. When your hands are covered in turkey giblets or coated in flour, you don’t want to touch your smartphone or tablet. Instead, you can just tell the Echo’s virtual assistant, Alexa, to display the recipe or a photo of the finished dish on the screen.

Perfect Company Bake Pro Smart Scale

Don't worry about adjusting recipes yourself.
Bake to your heart’s content instead of adjusting recipes yourself.

When baking for the holidays, most people adjust recipes left and right. For example, you might halve a batch of cookies but double the next one because they’re your son’s favorite, or because you’re baking them as gifts. Just use The Perfect Company Bake Pro Smart Scale instead. It’ll automatically adjust any recipe for you! This great piece of new technology will tell you how much you need of each ingredient, based on your own personalized version of the recipe. Every baker needs to have this scale in their kitchen this holiday season.

LG Smart Oven

Although this LG Smart Oven is a little more expensive than the other items, it’s totally worth it. That’s because it actually lets you cook from anywhere, thanks to an app you can use on your smartphone or tablet. Imagine being able to check on the turkey without having to get up and leave your loved ones. Or how about starting the cookies without even entering the kitchen? With this helpful new technology, you can do all of your cooking and baking while still spending time with your family.