TV Shows That Should Return

TV Shows that Need a Comeback

Most people have their favorite TV shows and are devastated when they inevitably come to an end. Fortunately, we can still stream these TV shows on Netflix or HuluFrom Friends to Seinfeld, there are various shows whose actors are still young enough to make a comeback worth talking about. Just recently, Netflix decided to reboot the show Full House from the ’90s. The streaming service renamed it Fuller House as the children are now adults. 

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The Office Bobbleheads

The question is whether or not they would make a comeback worthwhile. Just because the actors of a show are still alive doesn’t mean that the show would have a successful return. If the majority of the cast wouldn’t return, then there would be no point. However, there are certain shows out there that do have what it takes. Here are my top three shows that could do this. 

The Office

The Office was one of the most popular shows of the 2000’s. It aired from 2005 until 2013, and it is still one of the most-watched shows on Netflix. The Office was a brilliant comedy that focused on office workers who were constantly pulling pranks on each other. From workplace competitions to spying on text messages, they have done it all. The show helped launch the careers of Steve Carrell, Ed Helms, and John Krasinski.

It takes place at a company that sells paper in Scranton, Pennsylvania called Dunder Mifflin. The show lasted for 9 seasons, and the last one ended with a reunion between the characters and some who have left the show. This includes Steve Carrell’s character, Michael Scott. If you’re looking for a new comedy to watch, be sure to start with the first season.  


Friends is one of the most famous shows of the mid ’90s with a very recognizable theme song. The show was centered around young men and women living and dating in New York. This seems like an overdone concept but the acting of these individuals is what propelled it to fame. Similarly to The Office, Friends is another long lasting comedy series. 

The show lasted for 10 seasons and could have stayed on longer with its fanbase. After Friends ended, the majority of the cast went on to create other TV shows and movies. Of course, Jennifer Aniston has become very successful from Friends and still stars in many movies today. Her co-star Courteney Cox has had success as well with movies. 

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The Cast Of Friends

Marco Polo

Marco Polo is a Netflix Original Series that was cancelled after just two seasons. However, it was one of the best historical epics to be made into a TV show in recent years. Sadly, Netflix judged that it was too expensive to keep creating. The sets and landscapes were spectacular, as was the acting. This is one show that I am keeping my fingers crossed in hopes that it will be returning soon.

That is the sad part of becoming attached to TV shows. They become a part of our lives and daily routine, then eventually come to an end. Even shows that last 9 or 10 seasons still have viewers not ready to let go. As viewers, we have to grieve these shows since they will likely not return. On the bright side, new shows are created every day. If you enjoyed this article, then check out my last post about dating on tinder