What Social Media Can Say About Your Relationship

I’ve never been one for technology, but it’s hard to ignore the undeniable influence of the Internet. Social media has taken a permanent spot in our lives, whether we like it or not. And it has a very real impact on our relationships in real life. In fact, social media activity can even measure how successful a relationship is. Before you go ahead and install an iPhone spy program on your partner’s phone, see if you’ve picked up on any of these signs or not.

They Don’t Post Any Photos With You

This is the most telling sign of a partner who is uninterested, in my opinion. If you’re always posting pictures of you and your partner together, and there’s nothing on their end, it’s a little fishy. They might be trying to keep you a secret if they’re unwilling to post about your lives together on social media. Some investigating with iPhone spy software may reveal that they’re keeping up certain appearances for someone else. Most couples usually reduce how frequently they post about each other when the honeymoon phase is over. But it’s an entirely different animal if you can’t find any pictures of yourself on your significant other’s profile.

They Won’t Change Their Relationship Status

I completely understand people who want to keep their private life off the Internet. However, I never understood how reluctant some people are to indicate on Facebook that they’re in a relationship. If you’re willing to share your name, photo, and where you went to school, why not also post that you’re dating someone? There’s no harm in it. When a partner is adamant about refusing to change their relationship status on Facebook, it shows a reluctance to commit. It might also mean that they have some embarrassment or reservations about dating you.

They’re Constantly Online But Ignore Your Messages

Does your partner ignore you for social media?
Does your partner make more time for social media than for you?

Thanks to smartphones, we’re all accustomed to being connected to each other at all times. I don’t necessarily think this is a healthy mindset, but that’s an opinion for another article. It is suspicious, though, if your partner is replying to everyone else on social media and ignoring you. An iPhone spy app will let you see everyone they’re talking to. This is even more frustrating if they need to answer an urgent question you have. While some people do genuinely get distracted from answering their messages, it might mean you aren’t a priority if it’s happening on a frequent basis.